What are students' freespeech rights in schools?

High school students all across the nation have staged walkouts, sit-ins and moments of silence in the wake of the Parkland tragedy. More walkouts are planned in the upcoming months: March 14th and April 20th. Administrators differ in their policy regarding students leaving class or marching off campus. Some principals have joined students to walk out of class while others have communicated that disciplinary action would result. As protests spread and students organize demonstrations via social media, district and school leaders must carefully plan their strategy and approach to this sensitive matter. The ACLU published a Free Speech Guide for students who participate in social movements. This guide may help students understand when, where and how they can appropriately express their views. Be advised that schools and school districts may face lawsuits regarding disciplinary actions that may be perceived to tread on student free speech rights. Review the ACLU publication and consult a legal expert.