What’s New with DC4 Digital Programming?

Our curriculum development and instructional design team has put together a generous collection of new and updated curriculum for the 2016-2017 school year. You’ll find lesson plans and interactive content that inspires critical thinking, active problem-solving and age-appropriate opportunities to make a real-world impact. Students engage in thoughtful dialogue about the principles of digital citizenship and practice e-Safety skills. Family pages reinforce digital citizenship and
e-Safety at home.

Check out at the full list of new lessons and their descriptions here.

Updated E-Rate Modules
Curriculum for Grades 9-12

The entire suite of curriculum modules addressing E-Rate mandated topics of Appropriate Online Behavior, Cyber Bullying and Social Networking features new and updated lesson plans for students in grades 9-12. Updated curriculum reveals fresh instructional strategies, new empowerment opportunities, dynamic subject matter, thought-provoking discussions and meaningful student projects. Updated lesson plans provide teachers with deeper narratives and background materials to better guide students toward learning objectives. Updates also include suggestions for technology integration as well as references to trending topics, recent research and statistics, and the latest sites and apps. iDrive Outreach and Empowerment programming is embedded throughout the high school curriculum.

What is iDrive?

iDrive is a program that represents a community of students who are driven to make a difference. iDrive puts students in the driver’s seat of their own learning experience. Students take a problem-based approach to real-world issues and work toward solutions that positively impact their world. Through iDrive, students gain a sense of purpose for digital citizenship and e-Safety projects. See what the iDrive Student Advisory Board is up to and encourage your students to take action.

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Introducing STRR Avatars
Digital Citizenship Programming for Grades 6-8

i-SAFE introduces a new program especially for middle school students: STRR Avatars. STRR Avatars are a global cast of diverse characters. Avatars represent a generation of youth who have grown up in a digital world. STRR is an acronym for Safety, Technology, Respect and Responsibility.

As students in grades 6-8 gain more freedom to go online, they also receive more responsibility. Many students in middle school grades may have already encountered technology-related challenges at school and on their own time. To promote digital citizenship, students join the STRR Avatar mission to empower their generation to use technology in ways that are creative, responsible and effective.