Digital Citizenship & e-Safety across the Curriculum

Today’s educators are providing students with tremendous learning experiences by integrating digital technologies into the classroom, yet technology adoption also presents challenges and concerns such as classroom management issues, cyber bullying, academic dishonesty, student data privacy, digital safety and network security. Digital citizenship and e-Safety educational programming is essential, yet building an entire digital citizenship curriculum from scratch is a daunting task. Free online resources are plentiful, but these materials are not always up to standard. That’s why i-SAFE Ventures Digital Learning endeavors, to provide the education community with engaging, relevant, and effective research-based instructional materials that align with CCSS and ISTE/NETS Standards for grades K-12. i-SAFE curriculum integrates with core subjects such as English Language Arts, math, social sciences, history, technology, visual and performing arts, health science and even physical education—so that educators can integrate digital citizenship and e-Safety education into the classroom all year long.

i-SAFE’s ever-expanding curriculum library is replete with valuable lessons, activities, and multimedia resources that enable educators to create a digital citizenship and e-Safety program that is tailor-fit to school, classroom and student needs. Lesson plans build upon one another to expand knowledge, deepen conceptual understanding and cultivate skill sets at a developmentally appropriate level. Supporting materials and resources include teacher guides, student handouts, instructional videos, interactive lessons, informational handouts, tip sheets, and audio recordings. Media-rich assets address different learning styles through multiple modalities. Classroom teachers, technology specialists, librarians, counselors, and community leaders use i-SAFE curriculum in a variety of educational settings: traditional classrooms, blended learning environments and virtual academies.

Empower students to grow as responsible, creative and wise citizens in a digitally-infused world with
i-SAFE’s DC4 Digital Programming.