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Step up and become an Internet safety leader! Work with students across the globe to promote cyber safety awareness.

What is a student i-MENTOR?
i-MENTORs are students like you in grades five through 12 who promote online safety and DRiVE the 411 back to friends, family, and community. Download a list of i-MENTOR activities here.
Take the first step and get trained. Watch the videos in the i-MENTOR Training Network, and become certified. A certified i-MENTOR can plan activities and events, teach i-SAFE lessons, give i-SAFE presentations, earn service-learning credits, and make a difference in his or her school and community.

How do I get started?
  1. Register on the XBLOCK Web site by clicking "Create an Account."
  2. Download the Student Tool Kit to get started with coordinating and conducting events.
  3. Go to the i-MENTOR Training Network, and get trained to be a certified i-MENTOR.
  4. Log in to the i-SAFE chat room and talk with other i-MENTORS about activities and events you can do in your school and community.
  5. Go to the Mentor Menu, and enter your activity.
Fill out the Mentor Menu to receive i-SAFE credit and materials needed for your event.

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