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X-BLOCK: Celebrity Corner

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Welcome to i-SAFE's Celebrity Corner. This is the only place to get an inside look at the actors and athletes who help i-SAFE. Each month i-SAFE profiles a new celeb! Check out their bio and see how they answer five questions from i-SAFE. It's the scoop on what they're doing now and what they're working on next. Get a sneak-peak at how they surf the web and find out what they think you should do while online. It's all here in i-SAFE's Celebrity Corner.
Costas Mandylor On June 30th Adrianna Sgarlata performed her final official duty as Miss Virginia; the placement of the tiara on the head of her successor. Adrianna’s 347 public appearances and singing engagements during her year-long reign, plus 78 media interviews add up to an appearance rate of more that one Miss Virginia-related event per day. The hectic year as Miss Virginia may be over; however Adrianna says the coming year is shaping up to be a very busy one as well. This summer, Adrianna is spending a month in Florence, Italy immersing herself in the culture and language. She hopes to come back fluent in Italian. We asked Adrianna about her future, her reign, and her work with i-SAFE educating students about dangers online.
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