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X-BLOCK: Celebrity Corner

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Welcome to i-SAFE's Celebrity Corner. This is the only place to get an inside look at the actors and athletes who help i-SAFE. Each month i-SAFE profiles a new celeb! Check out their bio and see how they answer five questions from i-SAFE. It's the scoop on what they're doing now and what they're working on next. Get a sneak-peak at how they surf the web and find out what they think you should do while online. It's all here in i-SAFE's Celebrity Corner.

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Donny the Downloader Donny is your typical 14 year old. He loves skateboarding, hanging with his friends and listening to music. But, fact is, Donny is a downloader. It's for that reason that he's the star of a new i-SAFE/ASCAP assembly on illegal downloading. We caught up with Donny to ask him a few questions.

1. Hi Donny, can we ask you about your downloading habit? Um, maybe you could hear me better if you take the headphones off your ears.

Huh? Wait…. What?... Yo, sure….

2. That's better. Donny, why do you illegally download so much?

Yo, it's music, man. I just love music. I spend hours every day on my computer jacking songs. Yo, check it out. My rap library is da bomb, y'all. Hey, you wanna hear me rap?

3. Er… not right now, Donny...but stealing music online is not good.

Yo, wait a minute. I don't steal music. I just download it. I mean, like, why should I pay for it? Music is just music. Besides, who's going to catch me?

4. Well, Donny, your parents might.

Not hardly! I mean, my parents are cool and everything, but they don't know a lot about what I do online. Hey man, I just downloaded some great tunes. You wanna see me dance to them?

5. Um, not right now Donny. Say, aren't you going to be the star of a new i-SAFE Assembly?

Yeah, I don't know, man. It might be, like, boring.

6. But you might learn why it's not cool to illegally download.

Yeah, maybe, but learning is boring. Hey catch you later. Gotta go. Bye!

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